SPM V-Series

Nauti-Tech Systems proudly introduces the SPM V-Series © (previously known as the Nauti-Combine V-Series), our all-in-one power management distribution system. With over 20 years in the yacht industry, our power combiner was designed with the end-user's convenience and safety in mind.

The NC-V Series features unique capabilities, including Shore Power combining, single or dual load bus, plus full generator control with Seamless transfer. Seamless transfer prevents inconvenient blackouts and downtime when switching from shore power to generator, or between generators. Important values such as voltage, current, and frequency are monitored and metered to assist in making important decisions like a safe disconnect.

Combined with smart load balancing, load shedding, appliance prioritization, and reverse polarity correction, the NC-V-Series easily meets all power demand requirements and more. To provide a complete solution, our NC-V Series is also fully compatible with the Nauti-Boost & Hubbell controllers, including all other isolation or boost transformers. To complete this package, our entire system can be paired with our HMI daisy-chainable display for quick and easy access and can be integrated to your systems via Canbus, Modbus or TCP/IP.

Configurable Sequence Profiles

Create your own start sequences based on what’s important for you

Seamless transfer

Between generators
Between Shore power
Between shore power & generators
Generator Manual/Auto Start

Shore Power combine

Allows the combining of two shore cables

Load Shedding

Prioritize your load for convenience

Monitoring & metering

Constantly monitors and meters these important values in order to make intelligent and safe decisions

Real Time Event Logs

Important events logged for easy tracking or troubleshooting

HMI Screens

HMI Screens

Daisy Chainable capacitive touch

3 inch HMI Touch Screen

5 inch HMI Touch Screen

7 inch HMI Touch Screen

Part#s: NC-SN3, NC-SN5, NC-SN7

Transformer compatibility

All Hubbell Marine Transformers

All Charles™ Marine Transformers

Any boost or isolation Transformers

*Note: Both Transformers to be combined must have similar characteristics

Charles Iso-Boost 100
Hubbell Isolation Boost Transformer

Nauti-Boost Series

Compatible with any ISO Boost Transformer

Auto Boost / Manual Boost

Compensates for low shore voltage (up to 15%)

AC Metering displayed on LCD

Accessible via web interface (wifi)

Retrofit available for Charles™ & Hubbell Transformers