SPM K-Series

Nauti-Tech Systems is proud to introduce the SPM- K-Series© (previously known as the Nauti-Combine K-Series). Offering the most complete system to enhance, manage & safely stabilize the power demands & distribution on your vessel.

The SPM is available in multiple configurations for your convenience. This series allows the combining of two shore power isolation transformers into a single higher current AC voltage bus with ease. In addition is the automatic & smart switching between generators and shore power, and our newest feature allows seamless transfer between two generators without any interruptions.

Whether you are docked, or offshore, the SPM will help keep your power needs satisfied all while providing some of the most advance safety features out on the market.

Single or Dual load bus (Tie-Bar)

Allows combining of your sources & load busses

Safe disconnect

Detects if shore power cable is not connected properly and un-combines for safe disconnect

Shore Power combine

Allows the combining of two shore cables

Reverse Phase detection & Correction

Detects when shore power is disconnected or wrongly wired

Monitoring & metering

Constantly monitors and meters these important values in order to make intelligent and safe decisions

Real Time Event Logs

Important events logged for easy tracking or troubleshooting

HMI Screens

HMI Screens

Daisy Chainable capacitive touch

3 inch HMI Touch Screen

5 inch HMI Touch Screen

7 inch HMI Touch Screen

Part#s: NC-SN3, NC-SN5, NC-SN7

Transformer compatibility

All Hubbell Marine Transformers

All Charles™ Marine Transformers

Any boost or isolation Transformers

*Note: Both Transformers to be combined must have similar characteristics

Charles Iso-Boost 100
Hubbell Isolation Boost Transformer

Nauti-Boost Series

Compatible with any ISO Boost Transformer

Auto Boost / Manual Boost

Compensates for low shore voltage (up to 15%)

AC Metering displayed on LCD

Accessible via web interface (wifi)

Retrofit available for Charles™ & Hubbell Transformers