Nauti-Boost Retrofit Kit

Nauti-Boost retrofit kit repairs a failed Charles™ IsoBoost or convert any isolation transformer to an Automatic Boost Transformer.

The Nauti-Boost Marine Voltage Controller provides Transformer Polarization between the Shore Power and Vessel’s Electrical System and also compensates for Low Voltage Shore Power conditions by adding an additional 10%, 12.5% or 15% percent voltage boost when needed.

It can be set to detect low shore power voltage and boost voltage upon the initial connection to the dock only or continuously act to raise and lower the voltage as required. AC Voltage is monitored and displayed on the front panel display.

Nauti-Boost is also WiFi-Enabled allowing you to connect your mobile device or computer for voltage monitoring plus control of the boost function manually. Nauti-Boost can be its own WiFi Access Point or connect to the vessel’s existing WiFi network for server-based reporting both on the Vessel locally and on the Cloud.

Auto/Manual Boost

Compensate for low voltage

AC metering displayed
on LCD

Compatible with Iso-boost transformer

Retrofits Charles Iso-Boost & convert Charles isolation transformers in automatic boost transformers.
Retrofits and upgrade any isolation or boost transformer.

Accessible via web interface

Detects when shore power is disconnected or wrongly wired

Safe disconnect

Detects if shore power cable is not connected properly and un-combines for safe disconnect

REtrofit kit (1)

Combine 2 transformers

Combine 2 transformers, 50 or 100A with 1 or 2 load busses