Hubbell Isolation Boost Transformer

Hubbell Marine has expanded its line of state-of-the-art Isolation Transformers with two new models enhanced with Auto-Boost. Now, in addition to safeguarding against stray current that causes galvanic corrosion and potentially deadly shock drowning, and reversed polarity that can irreversibly damage on board electronics, the transformer can automatically compensate for low-voltage conditions.

Hubbell Auto-Boost instantly evaluates the electrical system upon power-up. Easily programmed, the remote control unit can be installed up to 9.7m away. It can be set to remain in a static mode after initial start-up or dynamic mode, checking and adjusting the voltage every hour. It offers the ability to automatically compensate low voltage by boosting the output 12.5%. This can be programmed to boost from a minimum level of 190 volts up to 220 volts.

Hubbell Isolation Transformers are engineered to function with 50 and 100 amp systems, and are available in vibration-resistant white powder-coated steel or 316 stainless steel enclosures. They feature two full current-carry shields. Lighter and smaller than the competition, the 15kVA Isolation Transformer weighs 77kg and is 43cm H x 35.9cm W x 29.4cm D. The 25kVA unit is 113kg and 46.8cm H x 41cm W x 33.9cm D.

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Available as

50 Amps, 15 KVA automatic boost transformer (US or Worldwide)

100 Amps, 25 KVA automatic boost transformer (US or Worldwide)

Retrofit kit

Retrofit kit for 50 or 100amp ACME transformer

Retrofit kit for any 50 or 100amp transformer

Retrofit Kit