Nauti-Boost V2

Nauti-Tech Systems' latest Auto-Boost voltage controller provides the capability to turn your regular isolation transformer into a smart automatic boost transformer. This means you can always be sure to have the most efficient and safe power when you need it.

Even when you are not around, our voltage controller will monitor shore power voltage conditions for you to keep your boat safe. No more worrying about docks shore power conditions, because whether it is low voltage, or high voltage our controller will ensure protection of all your marine electronic equipment.

Pair this along with our shore power combiner modules and you will have complete control and monitoring of your vessel.


KwH Monitoring

Provides accurate energy consumption metering (kWh), with resettable counter allowing users to identify how much energy was consumed during different periods.


Retrofit All Transformers

Compatible with any transformer, any brand with boost coils. Also compatible with all Iso-boost transformers and other Charles products isolation transformer.

wifi (1)

WiFi Connection

Users can configure as AP mode or connect to their existing networks and use our enriched mobile or desktop interface to monitor, configure or control your transformers.

HMI Touchscreen

Touchscreen HMI

3” HMI touchscreen with IoT dashboard

Take control with our HMI dashboard which allows full boost controls right at your fingertips. It includes every valuable data from your transformer including temperature, boost ratio, shore power input and kWh readings. This screen can be extended using cat 5 up to 100ft.

Control up to 2 transformers

With our NBK2 Series you can now control up to 2 transformers all from the same HMI screen. The double transformer screen allows you to see your transformers values and boost status including alarm and an LED indicator for alarms and events.


RGB Status indicator

Visually inspect status of your boost or any alarms directly from transformer Extend your wifi capabilies with built in wifi antenna. Functions also as a wire strain relief for your cat 5 cable.

Control Boost via your phone

With our enriched HTML page you can view, control all your boost controller from your mobile phone or via your computer on the network.

Mobile Access
Event Log

Full event log

Event Log page stores all of your events. It will keep a total of 100 events stored, max of 10 pages. Once reached to 100 events it will overwrite from the beginning (page 1).