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The Charles Iso-Boost Solution

Nauti-Tech Systems specializes in R&D and manufactures electronic and electrical products for the yachting industry. We have developed custom solutions and products, notably some distributed by Hubbell, including YQ100 and auto-boost marine transformers. Custom solutions are the answer when products are difficult to repair or become obsolete.

The Charles Iso-Boost, once a widely used product on yachts across the world, became obsolete a few years ago. Nauti-Tech Systems has since helped many customers solve their Charles Iso-Boost challenges with the development of the Nauti-Boost Retrofit Kits, an automatic/manual shore power boost controller with WiFi connectivity that is an easy retrofit for failed “Charles smart-boost™” and “IsoBoost™” transformers. It’s perfect for protecting a boat against unstable or bad shore power, providing you galvanic isolation low voltage and voltage drop protection.

In manual mode, it gives users the ability to monitor and manually boost from the keypad or any smart device. When in automatic mode, Nauti-Boost will monitor the voltage input. If low voltage is detected, it will automatically add a predetermined voltage boost.

The display/keypad can be remotely installed in an easy to access location. It’s ideal for repairing failed Charles Iso-boost transformers or any other isolation or boost transformers.

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