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Nauti-Tech Systems Launches Latest Auto-Boost Voltage Controller

Nauti-Tech Systems, a leader in designing, prototyping, and building electronic products for the marine industry, announces the launch of the latest Auto-Boost voltage controller. The new Auto-Boost voltage controller provides the capability to turn your regular isolation transformer into a smart automatic boost transformer. Customers can feel confident they will have the most efficient and safe power when needed.

Even when you are not around, this voltage controller will monitor shore power voltage conditions for you to keep your boat safe. The days of worrying about a docks shore power conditions are over. Whether it is low voltage or high voltage, our Auto-Boost V2 voltage controller will ensure all of your marine electronic equipment is well protected. Pair this along with our shore power combiner modules, and you will have complete control and monitoring of your vessel.

Features include:

  • kWh Monitoring
  • Retro-fit all Transformers
  • Wi-Fi/Lan

To learn more about this latest Auto-Boost voltage controller, visit the products page or give us a call to learn how we can innovate for you.

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