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Nauti-Tech Systems Launches its Latest Voltage Controller

Nauti-Tech System’s latest Auto-Boost voltage controller provides the capability to turn your regular isolation transformer into a smart automatic boost transformer. This means you can always be sure to have the most efficient and safe power when you need it. Even when you are not around, our voltage controller will monitor shore power voltage conditions for you to keep your boat safe. No more worrying about docks shore power conditions because whether it is low voltage or high voltage, our controller will ensure the protection of all your marine electronic equipment. 

The Nauti-Tech Auto-Boost controller has enriched features such as AC voltage and current monitoring. With accurate metering of AC & current, our boost controller starts metering kWh the moment it’s online, with the option of resetting the count at any given time. All these features and more are accessible via WIFI connection right from your phone or your computer. With an IoT data interface and controls, you can conveniently manage and monitor everything with ease. The NBK2 also has some optional accessories such as a 3” touch screen display that can be extended to your desired location using a single CAT5 cable. 


AUTO BOOST MODE: User can set to automatically boost only if there are no Alarms activated for more than 30 seconds and it is within the configured thresholds. 

MANUAL BOOST MODE: User can control boost manually only if there are no Alarms activated on secondary and if primary is within its system thresholds:

Less than 225 V on 10% boost XFMR
Less than 220 V on 12.5% boost XFMR
Less than 215 V on 15% boost XFMR

METERING: Provides accurate energy consumption metering (kWh), with resettable counter allowing users to identify how much energy was consumed during different periods. 

3 STEP ADJUSTABLE BOOST: Installers can set the controller for up to 15% boost depending on your existing transformer rating. (10%,12.5%,15%) 

WIFI CONNECTION: Users can configure as AP mode or connect to their existing networks. 

LED BOOST INDICATOR: Installed at the transformer to see led status indicating if there are any Alarms active. You can find the definitions right on the label for clear understanding of the led behaviour. 

EVENT LOGS: Stores up to 100 events and alarms

ALARMS: Features alarms such as overcurrent, High voltage, Low voltage, High temperature and Fluctuation alarm.  

Call or email us today to learn how this latest technology can help keep your boat safe.

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