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Nauti-Tech Systems Adds MarPower Energy Storage Inverter

As the exclusive MarPower dealer in North America, Nauti-Tech Systems provides world-class sales and service of its innovative marine electronic devices throughout the US, Canada and Caribbean. In addition to its shore power converters, it now offers the state-of-the-art ESI, the world’s smallest and lightest energy storage inverter.

Developed for large recreational vessels and megayachts with alternating current, the MarPower ESI delivers 30, 40, 50 and 60kVA of high-quality power. It supports up to 300kW from a single configuration and 900kW from a multiple system arrangement.

The device directs energy in two directions from the batteries to the onboard distribution network. This allows the engines to operate more efficiently with peak shaving functions that provide fuel savings and reduced maintenance.

The MarPower ESI’s UPC (uninterruptible power supply) function and active and passive THD (total harmonic distortion) deliver stable and reliable power. The device also provides galvanic isolation to protect people, and vessel equipment and infrastructure. With near-silent operation and flicker compensation, guests enjoy residential-style power supplies without the annoyances common with onboard electricity.

Highly adaptable, the MarPower ESI can be used as a shore converter on vessels with a direct current distribution system. It also makes a three-phase converter with N-net.

Ideal for refit or new builds, the MarPower ESI is plug and play for easy and flexible installation. A modular concept, it provides for straightforward upgrades and expansion.

MarPower engineers and manufactures customer-specific power converters, drive systems, subsystem automation solutions, and related marine electronics for recreational vessels including megayachts. MarPower is the registered trade name for Netherlands-based Eekels, a company that has served the marine industry for over 100 years.

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