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Nauti-Tech Systems Offers a One-Stop Solution for a Host of Onboard Electrical Needs

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Nauti-Tech Group has been in business since 1999. For more than twenty years, Nauti- Tech and its team of seasoned engineers have served as a “one-stop shop” to resolve the most complicated technical issues boaters and yacht owners encounter with the most advanced customized marine solutions. This includes electrical, Euro/U.S. conversion, marine electronics and audio video, communication, monitoring and control, CCTV and security, PLC programming and engineering and component level repairs. Its dedicated R&D department strives to develop the next generation of products and system integration.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the yachting capital of the U.S., Nauti-Tech operates two facilities with more than 7,000 total square feet of warehouse, showroom, and R&D laboratory space.

“We are ‘The Yacht Systems Specialists’ with the experience and commitment to doing things the right way,” said Jack Brunier, president. “We are here to help.” Nauti-Tech specializes in electronic, electrical, monitoring and control, custom systems and solutions for the yachting industry. Its services are offered by three affiliated companies:

  • Nauti-Tech Inc – Based at the Lauderdale Marine Center, this service company provides installation and services to yachts for electric and electronic needs.
  • Nautimart Inc – This company is the North American Master  Dealer  for E-Plex monitoring and control, as well as Marpower frequency converters.
  • Nauti-Tech Systems Inc.  –  Specializes in R&D, manufactures electronic and electrical products for the yachting industry. It boasts a strong team of engineers and software developers, as well as a complete electronic and prototyping lab. Nauti-Tech Systems has developed custom solutions and products, notably some distributed by Hubbell, including YQ100 and auto-boost marine transformers.

Featured products

Nauti-Combine is designed to safely combine the outputs of two shore power isolation or boost transformers into one common, higher current AC Voltage Distribution Bus. It operates automatically and transparently, allows better load balancing and detects any problems with the shore power before combining.

Nauti-Combine is installed at the main electrical panel and measures voltage and current of both isolation transformers. It also makes an intelligent decision to combine them based on several factors being present for maximum safety. At any removal of either shore power plug, the Nauti-Combine instantly and safely disconnects to prevent “back feed” from one power plug to the other.

Additional features include:

  • Can be retrofit to Charles PM3 systems.
  • Start/Stop 2 generators
  • Offers seamless transfer between sources
  • Load shedding up to four loads
  • Multiple-size touch screens available
  • Historical log
  • Complete A/C source management, distribution, monitoring and metering in one system
  • Can be customized and tailored to each yacht’s specific needs.

Nauti-Combine comes in two versions:

  • K Series – Combine two transformers, 50- or 100-amp with one or two load busses.
  • V Series – Combine two transformers and two generators with one or two load busses.

Another featured product is the Nauti-Boost Retrofit Kit – This is an automatic/manual shore power boost controller with WiFi connectivity. In Manual mode it gives users the ability to monitor and manually boost from the keypad or any smart device. When in Automatic mode, Nauti-Boost will monitor the voltage input. If low voltage is detected it will automatically add a predetermined voltage boost.

It is also an easy retrofit for failed “Charles smart-boost™” and “IsoBoost™” transformers. “It’s perfect for protecting a boat against unstable or bad shore power providing you galvanic isolation low voltage and voltage drop protection,” said Brunier.

The display/keypad can be remotely installed in an easy to access location. It’s ideal for repairing failed Charles Iso-boost transformers or any other isolation or boost transformers.

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