Nauti-Tech Debuts New Power Combiner at IPEX

Nauti-Tech Systems, global leader in smart power management solutions, is debuting the Nauti-Combine V2 Series at IBEX, October 1–3, Tampa, booth 2-223. The groundbreaking line of products builds on the original Nauti-Combine’s reputation for instantly and safely switching between generators, transformers and shore power supplies, while adding innovative enhancements that keep pace with modern yacht electrical needs and onboard network configurations.

The Nauti-Combine V2 Series is an all-in-one power management distribution system. With single or dual load bus, it will combine two shore supplies, and seamlessly transfer loads between two generators, or shore power and one generator. This important feature safeguards against inconvenient blackouts and downtime when switching sources.

Important values such as voltage, current and frequency are continually monitored and metered by the Nauti-Combine V2 system. This provides the intelligence for the device to make critical power handling decisions like safe disconnect.

The next-generation Nauti-Combine V2 features smart load balancing and shedding, three-phase detection, reverse phase polarity correction, appliance prioritization, generator auto-start, event log and a daily meter. It works with Nauti-Boost and Hubbell controllers, including all 50A or 100A isolation and boost transformers, as well as any other single phase isolation or boost transformers.

The system can be paired with Nauti-Tech’s HMI daisy-chainable display for quick and easy access. 3″, 5″ and 7″ HMI touchscreens are available and easily paired with the Nauti-Combine V2. It will also integrate into networks via CAN bus, Modbus and TCP/IP.

The supply voltage of the Nauti-Combine V2 is 185–255V AC with an operating current with Wi-Fi of 100–250mA and an ESD susceptibility (HBM) rating of 2kV. Built for extreme conditions, it has an operating temperature range of -4° to 140° F and a maximum humidity rating of 95%.

The Nauti-Tech Nauti-Combine V2 is available in a wide range of configurations, from a cased electronics-only package to complete setups with switchgear, cables and cabinet. Prices start at $1,950.

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