Nauti-Tech Enhances Nauti-Combine

Nauti-Tech, manufacturer of state-of-the-art isolation transformer kits and accessories, has enhanced its popular Nauti-Combine. The device now manages the switching between two generators and two transformers, making it a complete source management solution.

Nauti-Combine automatically merges the outputs of twin single-phase isolation transformers into a single, higher-current AC voltage distribution bus. With shore power shut down, the device switches to generator service, drawing from up to two units.

Highly adaptable, Nauti-Combine works with any two 50 or 100 amp single-phase transformers, even with different capacities, e.g., 15 and 25 kVA. It will work with any transformer, such as Hubbell’s, and can retrofit a Charles PM3 installation by the addition of Nauti-Boost to replace its internal electronics.

The Nauti-Combine microcontroller makes the system completely automatic. It continually monitors shore power, measures the voltage and current of both transformers, and safely combines and balances the power. If either shore power plug is removed, the unit instantly and safely disconnects to prevent back feed from one plug to the other.

Installation of Nauti-Combine is straightforward. The included display panel makes configuration easy. It can be controlled via Wi-Fi using a mobile device or PC. It can also be hardwired into an existing network and be connected to the vessel’s monitoring system.

Nauti-Combine is offered in a wide variety of configurations, from a cased electronics-only package to complete setups with switchgear, cables, and cabinet. Prices range from $1,495 to $8,995.

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