Update Charles IsoBoost to Latest Technology

Boat owners with a Charles Industries ISO-BOOST™ can now update their isolation transformer to the latest technology. Nauti-Tech’s innovative Nauti-Boost™ Retrofit Kit provides everything needed to leverage the most cutting-edge electronics available, without the expense and installation issues of a new unit.

Nauti-Boost continuously monitors the transformer temperature, and the shore power voltage and amperage to protect the vessel’s sensitive electrical systems. When a drop in power is detected, it automatically boosts and stabilizes the incoming AC line voltage an extra 15%. It provides polarization for dockside power, and protects against grounds and galvanic corrosion.

In manual mode, the transformer can be controlled using Nauti-Boost’s easily installed remote control unit or any WiFi-enabled smart device. It serves as its own access point or connects to the vessel’s existing network.

Nauti-Tech’s Nauti-Boost Retrofit Kit for Charles ISO BOOST is available for any 50A/15kVA or 100A/25kVA transformer. It costs $1,595.

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