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Power From Dual Transformers Now Safely Combined

Few boat owners want to continually have to think about their
vessel’s electrical system, especially the power balance between their dual
single-phase isolation transformers. Nauti-Tech Systems’ newly released
Nauti-Combine safely merges the outputs of two sources into one common,
higher-current AC voltage distribution bus. Completely automatic, the
result is reliable, even power that stays well below breaker level. The
innovative product debuts at IBEX, Oct. 2–4, Tampa, booth 2324.

Nauti-Combine works with any two 50 or 100 amp single-phase
transformers, even if they have different capacities, e.g., 15 and 25 kVA.
Installed in or near the main electrical panel, the compact device can be
used with any manufacturer’s transformer, such as Hubbell’s Isolation and
Auto-Boost transformers. It can even retrofit a Charles PM3 installation by
replacing its internal electronics with Nauti-Boost and Nauti-Combine Kits.

The heart of the Nauti-Combine is its microcontroller. Functionality
is completely automatic and shore power problems are detected well before
combining. It continually measures voltage and current of both
transformers, and intelligently combines and balances the power. If either
shore power plug is removed, the unit instantly and safely disconnects to
prevent back feed from one plug to the other.

Installation of Nauti-Combine is plug-and-play with minor setup on
the included display panel. It’s a Wi-Fi device, so it can be controlled via a
smartphone, tablet or PC. It can also be hardwired into an existing network
and be connected to the vessel’s monitoring system.

Nauti-Combine is offered in a wide variety of configurations, from a
cased electronics-only package to complete setups with switchgear, cables
and cabinet.

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